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You're in Safe Hands with Us
We look forward to welcoming you, our esteemed guest, back to Martabak Air Mancur and would like to reassure you of our enhanced hygiene, health and safety measures, which you can view here.
Martabak Air Mancur is a pioneer restaurant. Located at the Bogor Air Mancur T-junction, we make our own signature martabak and other delicious dishes, including noodles and meatballs, which are served to share. Chosen as the Best Martabak in Bogor City by Bogasari Expo 2009.
Our first site opened in 1993 , & since then our groundbreaking technology has delighted over a million patrons, & achieved countless awards. Interactive projections on your table surface enable you to set the mood, discover the local neighbourhood. We strive to be renowned for our innovation, and loved for our food & service.

Martabak Air Mancur

Sejak 1993

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